søndag den 20. juni 2010


Hey guys,

The biggest mistake we've made regarding sponsors and organizations has been to commit to Blight gaming and Blackfogs false words and unprofessional behaviour. I will in this blog entry describe how blackfog have tried several times now, to make us play under his pathetic organization by permanent lies and by constantly avoiding any kind of questions from our team.

First time we heard from "Blight Gaming" was even before we went to ADL in China, they contacted us after all the drama with eryc, fnatic and everything. Blackfog himself, started out talking with us through mirc and after a short meeting with him there, we decided to talk with him and other managers of Blight gaming on Ventrilo to discuss further.
On ventrilo we were told that they could send us to china with everything paid 100% surely and SMM as well around 80%.

Since we were still a part of the fnatic organization, they demanded around 250EURO each for us to leave them. Due to blight and their offer and promises via ventrilo and mIRC, we decided to pay the money to fnatic ourselves so we could be released from them. Blackfog was now in our private channel everyday, and kept telling us that we would get the money soon. Though the closer we got to the events, the more we started questioning his words and he was often dodging talking with us, acting like he was afk. Just a month before the event(s), he claimed he would have only 4000-5000$ dollars ready 2 weeks before the event which wasn't close to enough for either SMM or ADL, Though, it would still cover some of the flight tickets and we were ofcourse still happy with that as well. After the two weeks he was afk for 2-3 days but finally he came back from his so called "very important meetings" and told he didn't have any money ready BUT that he would have 1000$ just before the event started. We talked a bit together in the team and decided to pay the tickets to the event in china ourselves anyway cause we were so excited to go there. We agreed we would play for blight if they could provide us the 1000$ for food expenses down there, but surprisingly enough they couldn't even give us these money either.

Now just a little month ago he contacted us again and gave us an apology and kinda blamed his sponsors but also claimed he had gotten control over everything in the organization and that they could easily sponsor us for ESWC as well as SMM. I could write the whole story again, but it would just be entirely the same story as with before China. They failed to give us 1000$ for ESWC even though he told us plenty of times they were coming. He even sent us screenshots of his paypal with 1000$ sent to a unknown account as a desperate try to make us stay just a bit longer, which we actually did. It still was a hard decision for the team to believe in his words again and at that time we had no other oportunities. So unfortunately we believed in the best in human and didn't think he would perform such an act towards us again.

I'm happy to announce that we're not a part of this truely sad "organization" Blight Gaming

This whole episode leaves us without sponsor for ESWC, so if anyone is interested in helping us out with reimbursing our travel expenses feel free to mail to our manager, broesly: djbotond@hotmail.com

Ps: We bought the flighttickets from our F4F winnings, so we will attend to ESWC!

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  1. All the more reason for you to win.. Good luck..

  2. Sad to read all this. Anyways, good luck getting the sponsor.

  3. Talk to the sk.gaming ... becareful Kuroky is so Dangerous ...

  4. im dissapointed with blight gaming management and their lied promises.
    unprofessional behavior and too much lies.

    maybe you should have another sponsor as good as fnatic or more.

    btw i never seen loda plays with blight recently,
    did he leaves DDT ?

  5. Good luck guys @ ESWC! il send a T-shirt with Broesly , please sign it ( T-Shirt of winners! ) :). Thanks , Norbi (broesly's best friend)!