mandag den 17. maj 2010

My Apology

Hey guys

I would like to make an apology to all my and DDT's fans, as well as the whole Dota community for my behaviour in the yesterdays match against Competo.

Even though I wasn't satisfied with the general attitude in the game, it was ridicolously disrespecful towards my friends and teammates to quit the game in that manner. I was acting as a really bad example for the fans, I'm truely sorry and it will never happen again.

The team has been together for almost a year now and after a couple of months in China, several LAN tournaments and experiences together, we really see each other as friends and not only Dotaplayers. This makes it easy to talk things through and solve the intern problems we and every team has once in a while, so just to clear everything out guys - Ducky's Dream Team is still growing stronger than ever!!