mandag den 19. april 2010

The game against TeG

After a while of lazyness, I decided to write on my blog again and the subject for today will rely on the match against TeG we played yesterday.

As you might know this was the first match we lost with this team and it's ofcourse always sad to lose and I was really pissed right after, but I believe the team needed it to find the right spirit and motivation back after plenty of easy matches.

The game started out in the picking phase obviously, and already at that point people were focusing on everything else than the actual game we were about to play. We kinda didn't get the picks we wanted 100%, but in the end it didn't matter.

The way we played ingame was the main reason for this loss. Top lane which was our strongest lane that we thought was gonna win us the early game phase, made too many mistakes on the lane that caused the whole game to colapse. I did what I could middle with Morph, but it's incredibly hard vs pugna, and even though I got decent farm, it wasn't enough since potm,rk and enigma didn't have the items nor lvl to gang the map properly after the laning phase.

Ofcourse TeG played really well and punished us for every single mistake we made, but TeG should never be a problem for us in the future, and It's not a team I fear in any way. Basically any team could have beaten us when we played like we did this match.

I'm ofcourse a bit sad after this loss but I know it's good for the team to lose a game now and then and since it's pick-league it doesn't matter - we're gonna win the tournament in the end anyway.

Now we're gonna have focus on the final, Farm4Fame finals and ofcourse CMStorm finals that are coming closer slowly.

That's all from me for now, take care

fighting!~ LOL