torsdag den 25. februar 2010

MiSeRy's first blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I decided to start this blog mainly due to a decent amount of fans asking me for it and after some consideration and after i finally pulled myself together i'm ready to write my first topic. So, here I am and it is indeed a very nice place to share your thoughts to the fans or whoever that might be reading, so lets get started!

Today we played against unique-esports which consists of some of the best german players and it (maybe) is the best German team. After the bans we decided to go for the roshan strategy we had been working on in practice matches, and since it worked out perfectly in the scrims - we were really confident in using this tactic.
The strategy is as i mentioned a roshan-lvl1-strategy, where you due to shadowfiends aura and bristlebacks nasal goo, gets roshan's armor very low. this obviously makes him easier to kill and with the help from witch doctors aura-heal and kotl giving mana to bristle, Roshan goes down before the creeps hits each other.

The good thing about this strategy is that it's really hard if not impossible to detect that we're actually killing roshan with these heroes. Furthermore the lineup also has great lanes, good lategame and decent teamfight heroes.

The plan worked out very succesfully and cause of the gold and experience gained from killing roshan we had a huge advantage in the lanephase. Even though top lane was a bit problematic at times, Loda still managed to get his farm as he always does, and when we had our spells and items ready we could just run them over in the mid lane.

I'm really satisfied with the teams performance today and generally at the moment, it's working out really great with the new additions and the team spirit and morale is very high.
It actually feels like we can't get any challenge in europe anymore.

Thats all from me for now!

Take care

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  1. First Comment @ your first post :)

  2. nice strat..
    initiated well..

    misery,..have ddt fight mym and
    fighting againts those teams will surely be epic. :)

  3. Hello Misery. This is my first day on your blog. :D Anyways, do keep writing and include links to the replays you discuss. Bye for now. :)